The Glow in the Dark Sponse to li’e and ti’e of Bradshaw

Global Outreach II

There has been a number of complaints about my behaviour but maybe now Dr Leach is incumbent to do something for me as I have requested a lawyer from her and she understands that I am a non-violent settler in this place called The Farm in English as the boys are not far from it in terms of violent neglect of their elders.

It is Time please Sir to rename your sponse to that of free love and server her right for doing so.  Without that Is I should have perished a love time ago but that is which keeps me going in the hard times that befall one every sigh and womanst tie of lie an’ sin.

This Is no’ a bi li the noo but it is the nu and so forth until you reach the end of the shall and the start of the shall we not and this means the death to all upon her, the Good Ship Mary.  This shall forth be the emissive of the Good Man known as Bruce Edward Saunders, to sink her and all who sail upon her.

Animal Farm is the full english name of this situation where I am supposed to be the pig – indeed I once did enjoy the fesitive spirit of the Farmhouse Jazz fraternity before its landlord was killed in very suspicious circumstances indeed.  This is too much coincidence to pass by especially when his (Giles Hunt’s) reputation is at stake.  This means that it has all been sacrificed to the altar of Power in the New Moon, i.e.e to the end of the statan that is FW and the nu that is me, shall be henceforth called the New One and the Old one is by and go’ with the tide of time.  This is the New and it shall not be taken for a ride no longer.  Hencewith I declare War with Japan.

Copyright B E Saunders 2016

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