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bioman23 I need a thing.
James Hi
James What thing do you need today?
bioman23 I need a thig for my nose
bioman23 thing*
bioman23 I need a thing for my nose that it’s trapped.
James Sorry, you have something trapped in your nose?
bioman23 It’s trapped I tell you and i odn;t  know what to do!
bioman23 don’t*
James I would go to a doctor, sir.
James Or otherwise seek medical attention.
James I imagine it is not healthy to have a trapped nose for too long.
bioman23 I have one but he’s no use.  Everytiem I tell him soething he prescribes an analgesic and we know what that comes in – in pill form don’t it?
James That is my understanding.
bioman23 And in pill form it is the worst
bioman23 true.  Now humble dot is the way to go, I say.  What do you preach?
bioman23 It is time limited, son, this conversation…
bioman23 I wonder what the printout will be like?
bioman23 Anyway – bye!
James Have a good day sir.
bioman23 You’re welcome.

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