1. There is still the business of the deal between Chris Bannister, Hazel Turner and Gary Hawley – she was offered a ten year scholarship that she did not ignore travelling all over the world so she could one day say that she could not travel as far as I had on the money and then strike up a conversation, as she has just told a fellow Officer of the Law.

2. NOTE: The new shoe the “Brucie Choo.”
3. Prof Sally Clift has felt dismay at the incoming messages to her messaging board congratulating her on her decision to wait until I had got through my PhD program so she started it before I had even begun the job.  So she was unaware that I was unaware that she was doing to job.  Not for me but against me for the real position of Head of Department.  She did so well that she had Hazel Turner believe she was doing me a favour and then Chris Bannister and Gary Hawley had gathered Turner under their wing and asked her to get the end of the wing under sail and therefore it is the one who is that does and the one who is not that does not.
She was doing her best to progam the same problem I was not but I considered it a different way with regards to the mathematical problem that arose from the two different problems that I had surmised.
She decided to let i = j for all n, but this led to a down feed that did not get on the row but in the high tidemark.   And this led to her downfall and so sterling effort Sally.
Now do this.  Enter your heart and go south for the Winter to New Orleans with your new found love Ollie aka Lawrie Fasemal aka the flying Dutchman or Lawrie from the Duckworths.
Now get this – there has been a war going on tonight which is raging outside my door even as we speak.  (0h00)) GMT if this continues and the chain on my door is found to be broken….then there will be hell to pay even if I have gone for a newspaper as someone left in here might say as if they were my Buddy or my China.
Kind Regards
Bruce E Saunders, Esq as he is now allowed to call himself

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