Part 4 – It’s not what you think…

It’s not what you think it’s about the research into scientific know how and experience.  It is a no way and then no one situation as far as I and my colleagues are concerned.

“It is wa-ay beyond my recompense to answer that” I said.  This is not in my field of endeavour so to speak.  And if not, why not, I say!  There is a no-win and a yes-win and that is that and final.  It is not associated with the new one of which there are two, it is the subject of along embattled conference before it was decided to get all the necessary parts together in order to investigate this further.  Now it’s become a part man-made and a part female-made endeavour as it becomes the nature of each one to get into the air and see what it is that makes it so hardy. So lessons learnt are not to be escapable they are not only the ones that let us breed but they’re the ones that come upon us the most so that it is a collisional episode that gets it in the rear end.

Now.  This has become an instigator for the rule of law to be applied to me just in case anyone gets upset this is not a fool who is typing here I know you are watching Mr Policeman perhaps in anticipation of a fool offload but incensed by the fact that I am allowed to carry on as if it was dishonest?

There is a not and a note and the note says that he, that is, John is a funny man and that means that if it is believed that it is not the angle but the owner who forvides or pervades the nutriet dietary ways to the offspring of the first born of the clan then it is about the one who is a near-far sight to the sore eye.

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