Part 5 – Thy woe is toe

This is not the way it is meant to be but it is not going to be a won or lost cause, but a small endeavour on behalf of those who have to be restrained against their will and anaesthetized against their full capacity to withdraw from those who wish to inflict bodily harm upon them.

And this is a story about the one who got into a muddle when he got accidentally involved in the support of the community and then found out it was a life instalment plan and not a going to be free tomorrow sort of thing.

This is not about the swing of the muse it is about the scare of the buse, i.e. it is about the one who gets the guile and who gets the one with the better aim at the ballpark i.e. it is about baseball and batting practise in the Gate of Dawn.  It is a new one for some and it is a nor one for others so to speak, that it does not kill the ambition of the speaker to be ill affording to be the getter and not the fetter.  It is the fetter that is the gamble and since it is the fetter that is the gamble it is the non fettered one who shall be the one who goes to the gallows pole since he is the tumescence that does the end of the night into the end of the day become.  He is the one who gets the real way out and therefore gets to be there at the start of the ballgame and so gets to feel that it is a not and a no and not a nosogo toe.

Now I shall tell thee that the above is not a nonsense rhyme but a real that is a real one i.e. it is not about the source but the wit of it.  Who cares if it originated out of sub-conscious mind or Voice in Head it is about the one who types the thing – he is the one who counts and therefore it is he who does the one and the two-step into the gloom of the night.

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