Crazy Love

I’m ejaculating poetry everywhere

Since you hit a seam with your remark

That you wanted to marry me and call the end

To the exposure of you to the mists of the timescale called

Life and so it goes that I am sure that this is going to be

The best thing to happen to me ever, provided of course

That you are alone and not a group of people

All trying their hands at poetic muse which is part of what

I believe

Since it is not without a few sparks

That we have embarked

Upon the theory

Of the mass produced love affair

All over the media of such

From Skype to e-mail to throat slitting conversation

Per phone.

There. That said it should be all to apparent to thee

The listener that there is a small part

Of me that is too apparently open to the misdeed

Of others to be openly forsworn to the end of the tie (or lie).

This is not a going to be the certain one but the end of the Go and the start of the Know.

The lesson learned as we all get burned, the lesson abandoned because of snow in

The hills of the St Mary churchyard where to be at peace we have

Opened our flood of tears for you.

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