Remember Donna

Eddie had a secret he kept from us for years

Remember Donna, the blind chick who lived

Down near Sloppy Joe’s?

Banged her once, he said one day

This was years back

Long before I hung out with you reprobates

I was a trusted guy

She trusted me

When we made love

It was like battling my way through a rose garden

She wasn’t well plucked

But boy! Did she trust me well!

Said Eddie.

This is the first time I have told anyone that, he said.

I tried to imagine what it would be like

Banging a blind girl and I thought

I would be rather repulsed by the attitude of being

In the wrong for taking advantage of a poor thing

But it would be a likelihood that it would be seen as that

So Eddie was a brave man in the face of that.

Copyright B E Saunders 2016

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