1. dat is so sad : p

    No one is blessed with mom n dad whole lyf. This is y..I say; noones hppy…
    everyone has got pains
    and they call it struggle!


    hope u r fyn

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    • Sure..about to be birthrighted with the worth of my work so things are looking up. (In other words I’m about to get credit for my website and my portion of the work done in the science faculty at Bath University, which is incredible considering the all but booted me out.

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      • wow!


        u deserve this Bruce :p

        Somtyms god is fair. haha (few tyms)

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      • I’ve been forbiddon to set foot on the premesis and i have not got a library card so I do all my reseahc right here online and use the free sites and info given my by phys.org of facebook – thier releases are cool and v biomimetic. Of course – you work for….Microsoft?


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