On being schizophrenic

It would seem that a lot of people with schizophrenia commit suicide.  It would seem that this is viewed along with personality disorder as a negative affliction. Well that’s bullshit.

Psychiatry has changed the definition of schizophrenia so many times that it is impossible to understand the compiled figure except to say that a lot of people get mis-treated and only those being defined a schizophrenic are being counted so they must all be under treatment.

So being diagnosed with schizophrenia causes about a third of people to commit suicide.

I have been “diagnosed” with schizophrenia and I tell you it ain’t so bad a long as I get my weed for medicinal purposes.  Then I can sit and me entertained by the voice in my head for hours – often the products right here on the page.

But people really have to careful when they use the words insane and schizo around me.  Cos chances are they don’t know shit.

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