Non-fiction – My CTO Tribunal

This is a bit of non-fiction that I have bee considering – it relates to a forthcoming hearing I am having to have my Community Treatment Order revoked.   A Community Treatment Order means that one must have supervised medication while in the community.  For the safety of oneself and for the safety of others.

You may not know this (I have mentioned it elsewhere) I was once compared to the Georgia Tech shooter of North Carolina, at Sandy Hook.  So I AM Dangerous.   I have since had a formal apology from the hospital for this, but that doesn’t mean that the pscyh does not continue the charade.

I don’t know if you find this interesting… might say, it’s how the other half lives.  So I will request the situation as I think it through, for interest sake.

Because of this weighty comparison by a psychiatrist with a hard-on, I spent the last two months of my father’s life on a secure ward, suffering Control and Restraint Procedures so they could stick a needle or “depot” in my ass.  A week after I was released, I flew home to South Africa and a week later I was burning him.

I was an academic at the time mind you.  I was busy with my PhD on Bath campus.  Then I left the University came back to the town where I was and still am residing and started a dirty protest at the University’s treatment of me and my case of Trauma Induced Psychosis, due to an unprovoked assault by 6 younger male students at the commencement of my PhD and an ongoing campaign of Hate, including having my bedsit (which are always for singles) ransacked, my South African passport stolen on another occasion, my car burnt out, my file store on campus interfered with….and the onset of voice hearing for the very first time.


I was working like a demon for three solid years, no breaks at the age of 39….I hear voices when very tired.

I went to the psychiatrist on campus about it first – verdict – depression.

If I am dangerous then how come I treat Bath City as a no-go area for me at night everynight for the last six years?  I spend so much time alone at home in introspective consideration, how is it that I am dangerous and how is it that I cannot monitor my own medication?  Or not?  Why can’t I have mildly addictive but cheap temazipam?  Why do I have to be experimented upon by these National  Institute of Clinical Excellence drugs that never leave your system?

Why do I have to put up with a diagnosis of schizophrenia when a blood test will show it is not so?

If I do not have it in the family, why is it that my own testimony is ignored?

This is the British Mental Health System for you.  I have no next of kin so I cannot be released into someone’s care.  So I get the full brunt of it.

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