Heavy Days with PTSD


Why is gravity so heavy today

I don’t like this place I’m in

I want to go to sleep with the lights


But I can’t so I dream alone

With the lights


PTSD – it’s a no-no for partners

Time on their sides as we dive through

Our consciousness alone

Hoping to be aware

As the steady rot


At our minds and goes

Like a programme

For a bug-alive thread

To home and dead.

Copyright B E Saunders 2016

    • I’m unfortunate enough to live like this – though to be truthful – it is a mixed blessing in this life to be disabled in the same way as someone who is labelled mentally “retarded” to use an old expression. I am disabled and therefore get the benefits of the State but am able to function like a normal man 99% od the time, The other one percent is the way it involves and invades my everyday life from sleeping with the lights on to not going out at night etc. Paranoia….

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      • thefeatheredsleep said:

        You give a strong voice to this, it helps others understand and appreciate where you’re coming from really well

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    • It’s not very well recognised as a sign of stress outside of combat veterans, here in the UK.

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      • It can come form anything an fhen reflects back in the psyche which if it is not recognised is misdiagnosed. Instead of being treated like a victim a person is treated like a potential perpetrator, who doesn’t fit in society.

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