Part 1 – The Emmissary

In the begin, end and before the beginning of the next, there shall be a number of ways for things to be.  It is without doubt the one who gets all the people to dance that gains the highest order of ceremony and that shall be me.  I want to make sure that you understand that this ia about creating a monster, a South African band that can make the mess of the rest all the way to asunder and back – to create a band so good that it takes a lot of time to make it all.  It takes a lot of time to make it all the way.

I would like to fondly remember G here and understand that he is without doubt the best guy for the job.  I will be the one who asks for the best now as I try to get all the facts together and understand when I shall be here.  I want to sing but I hear no fault to colour my voice and that makes me understand that it takes a lot of the time to be angry and a lot of the time to be fondly held.  Now than and more, it is about to become the better of the two cheeses as the big one and the small both try to deny the mouse its grub.  I will show the rentbook and the cowering bully that it is about than and there-what as well as the who-dun-nit of the time.  I will be there and then the one who is given the straw to make do.  I will be then and there the one who is given the straw and the purpose-built mattress to be able to make do with the child of mine who is able to make the rent and the money for food.  If so it will be a fun time as I will need someone to take care of me soon.

I will be then and there the one who is about to keep it so and this is the way and don’t believe it is not possible to relate this to a South African band – I need you to understand that this is coming underground to you and must be recurred as it is coming to you.  I will be then and this the fist that makes you understand that this is important to you and the rest of the earth’s population.   I will be then and there this and that the way and the were to the when or the one who gets all of the one and only left and centre all the back and forwards again, in the eye of the storm and beyond, the backwoods style open-dog useless-enderthallusthmus overjoy-mokesmoy kind of wench that you could want.

I could give a long hot sigh of relief at the number of ties that I have been allowed to give back a few and the kind of people I have had to give it to has made me ill.  I have had to make the longest timeout for the real reason that I am giving you now – that I needed to give back a long goodbye hug to the man who led me through the wrong and the right of the spy-game back when I was knee high to a kitten – my Dad.

He was a spy deluxe with a real gun and a long snipers holster for the lever arm of his bolt.  I could watch him for days, practising at his targets and making a long short pitch at the neighbour’s wife at the same time which worked as it turned out after Mom got rid of him and his wiles.  It was a while before she realised that he was just nextdoor and that made  fandangle of a storm in a teacup which did not last a couple of days before it was sure that he had made it to work on time and not to some other place for refuge.  I will be then and now the one who is and is not then and the only where this time on form be.  I want all to see that I need not to be able to think while I type I just listen and type according to what is in my mind or what I “hear” through my mind’s window.  Is this schizophrenia?  I think not, or if so, I wonder what the adverse effects of them might be.  Anyway, I wonder f it is possible this way to make a new ton of book-aid, Timeout-things that would be able to sell for the reasonable price of a dime or a cup of coffee at Nero’s say, when you buy the tip, you get the magazine sort of like the Big Issue but for poets and artists and not for the homeless so it would definitely be in competition.  It would work if only you had the manpower and the work.

I want to be able to see what it is that I can about the right of the world to do a long story and a short one together as this shall be.  The short one shall begin here and the long one shall follow as and when it seems fortuitable to do so.  It is about the end of my life so it is about the start of it too and the way it developed into a way of existence of liberal mindedness and ability to avoid the pitiful exertion known as working in the workplace, or, going to work.  I work from home and that is the way I like it.  I miss not the people as they are there when you want them.  You just have to make do and understand that it is the one who enjoys him or herself the least who is the loser this time around, for it is the me-generation style executive we are dealing with here.  It goes to show that it is about the when and the where and not the were and the One.

I will begin again by starting over at the beginning again.  I won’t let you understand what is happening Bruce until you start taking this seriously.  I want you to write a book in seven days and call it your Bible and then when others ask you what you have in your hand you can say it is your guiding feature, your book, called: “The endless faith of the individual in himself to overcome his fate and be aware of his equal with the best.”  It will take some time to get to the point of it but you see one issue already, how completing a book will place you on par with a 0.04 percent of the population who have done so (in England, at least)(probably less in Greece and more in Finland, who knows?)

It is without doubt the easiest thing to do under the circumstances – to write a book is far easier than to find a job as it has proved so to be sure, it is about time you did so.  So it is that I embark on this, my Bible as it was to be called (from earlier) and now I understand that it is about the way that I get along with a lot of people that makes it possible to be a long time without a friend as such.  It has been a way of being for a long time and now it is about time that I start to make the moves that are going to see me into retirement and make the most of these years of plentiful finger movement.

I will be the only guy in the town of Bath who does so for I have found that it is perfect for one thing – self-contemplation and therefore a book about oneself is inevitable.  I will try and be the one who gives a lot to you the reader but it is without doubt the best thing, dear, for you and I to be able to make a lot of time for one another and gamble on there being a long and a short and not a lort and a shong.

In the vent of a short and a long we will be able to levae unassailled form behind but in the event of a lort and a shong then we shall face a lot of time on the dickend of the stick, so to speak.  It is a lot to ask for, to be able to make a long short tall and mechanistic approach to the matter of the long and the short or tall but it is a matter of being that makes a lot of us see that it is about the wren and the seizure that matter not the wren and the matter of doe.  I will explain later but first I must ask: – “what is the name of the man in the suit called the grey?”  It means that I will be able to make a long and time of it but not a long and tine of it since I have no fork which is about the real tine and not time who asks for it and then gets it stuck, in the ass.  In other words, if tine is the fork of the tongue then the Devil is the tongue of the cork, yes, the cork since it is the cork that explodes after the bottle is opened.

I will exbe the last and the nought but not the night as I will be then and the always beste time of day for you all.  Yes, you!  I will be the beste and the worst too as long as you stay tuned and watch this station for its best work.  I will see to it that you all get along with each other the best that you can and that it will all be the way of the wind and the wave before there is anything better to do or say about it.  I will be the one who gains the most from the essence of the child that is permeating the room a we speak, that room where I once held you in your hour of desperate want and desire, my Love, and now I do not know what it is I shall do without you, now that you shall not be the one who owes me a long a chaste time afore you go to the seech and the search for grammar and speaking voice to which absolutely be sure of the name of the race that you are running.  This is the seminal work of the author and so it should be held in esteem as the best that has come from his hand in the last forty-five years, before he published his PhD that is which is still his seminal work to date.  This is about the first and only time that he has boasted about it to anyone as the remainder of his supporters have all gone by the wayside and now there is only he and the feint feeling of accomplishment he gets.

I will see to it that you all get a long tall shandy before I go to the hardcore bookstore and buy a “Humper” and see what is inside today.  It is about time I did and so I can get a lot of time inside the factory of sound that is known as the time warp or memory spasm as it is sometimes called.  I will be able to make a lot of time into a lot of space with the use of all the usage and the timeout facilities of the Universal usage of time and money called the useful way.

I will be then and there the only woman in the store with a peanut brittle in her hand instead of a penis and that shall make me nervous but soothe the beast within so that is a matter for the psych and that is a fact.

It is presumed that all ye have been inoculated against slander and therefore don’t mind a bit.  But there is a place in me where I hate a lot of Bathonians and I want ot make it clear.  I want to make it so that they all understand what useful cannon fodder they make but little else.  It is unusual for me to hate a people as much but I do here and it shows.  It shows in my voice when I launch myself at them and it shows when I go mad for the went of it and the whirl of being a lost soul here.  I will be then and now the only one who understand s that it is the now and the new not the know and therefore the new and the old shall be the same until it is discovered that they all have the same ordinate refuges where they all hangout and get pissed together and let it all hang out as the name speaks of.  I won’t be then and there the only one who gives away the necessary Evil to do what it could about the way it was and the way it went and now it does not get a lot of time it gets a lot of moonbeams.  So I give you the end of the time for the beginning and the start of the begin for the end.

Now I want you to do something for me.  Take a long style of dress and give it a long stare before you equal out the length.  I want you to think about the length of the skirt compared with the rest of the gown and see what it is that makes it so equal in length to the rest of them.  It is about the leg and the thigh and not the thinnest of ankle no matter what anyone tells you.  It is about the when and the way and not the way and the when of it.  I want to see that it is about the when and the way and the who and the why and not the when and the way through that makes it a lot of nonsense to touch and feel. If you open a can of ecstacy and ask for a refund they will say no.  But if you say the can is ful and ask for a full price from a customer they will oblige with payment.  So what is the difference except the guarantee which you give yourself.  This is what it is all about.  To be able to make a long story short and then ask the question, why?  And end up with an answer which is not what you expected but which makes sense does not feel at all sensational as when you understand the Real Reason behind the negligent use of the word Fame.  I ask this because I want to know what it is behind the people who become famous that makes them equal to the task?  For it is about the time of the easy ride not the time of the famous real life fiction author.

I will try to be brief about this point, that I need a long time to get a lot of the real worth out of the time I have with you tonight for I am going to finish this chapter before I sleep and so shall not lose the thread before then. I ask only forgiveness at the brevity of the chapter but I must make do with what I am physically capable of and that s eight chaptecs or chapbooks per level of writing and so it is that I continue with the new one and the old one at the same time, my stories that is.  On the one hand there is the book I will write and on the other is the narrative I shall keep while I execute this writing work.  I will be in keeping with the great Julius if I add that I would like it if you could lend me your ears for a moment while I scream and shout my glee at the beginning of a new project which shall keep me no longer than a week.

Will be square with you now.  I want to speak without noticing so I will not care what I say.  I want you to know that I am not going to be able to wank a lot here and so it is that I am verbally going to cum all over your hands if you caress the page too much while you read.  I will not be able to withstand the view either, down your snatch and in your eye as I start to begin and understand what it is that makes a book sexy and not the other way round, making the work sexless but the act so enticing that people leave their books behind for a time of their lives on the Town.  It is all a bit befuddled, my thinking, I do not understand what it is but I do understand that it is not a duty to the stewards of the time to be able to make it all the way to the end of the waterway and there to be able to make do with the use of a paddle and not a boat which is all I am saying.  That it is about the use of the look and not the look of the user.

I will send you a letter today that should make it all okay and not a long story either.  It shall be about the weather and the wane not the when and the wend of the earth traveller and the world.  It is about the when and the where and the woo and not the woe and so it is that the woo and the woe are remiss in their abducted use of the word Fame since they are not and cannot experience it not like the other two.  I feel it is imperative that I say this:  That there is a one and a two not a three and a four and so it goes that all the run-of-the-mill stuff should be able to make it to the bailing wire before they expedite their resulting influence on the population of Bath.  It is about time that all the asunder should be assured of being then and there, and not the end of the time but the start.

This is about the one who wins and gains weight not the one who loses and this shall be then and there the start of the beginning and not the end of it.  I will be on the end of the style and the end of the notice period and on the end of the start so… I will step back now and send the lot of you some kisses from the deepest point in the pool.  Bye!

Then and now.  It is a period of time when all is not as it should be and therefore it is about the end of the tiny thing called Life as we know it and the start of a new kind called The Appropriation of Time or The Time of the Timy, which is about the Timy which are the Real Ones who all made it to earth in the time of the Prescience or Awareness. It was during this time that we saw that there was a long time of farrowness on Earth and it was a time of great indulgence of serfdom and slaves.  I will not be able to tell you who were the slave and who the masers but it is about time that we understood that there are no guarantees it went according to colour. Instead it prefer to be wealth that be included in the Fame thing since it precluded the slavery of your people or their vestibulary names like John or Elbert.  Such-like names were for the rich and not the real folk of the meadow and moor and so it defers from the real existence of the love and money time.  The love and money time was a real event that stopped the Real Folk from becoming prisoners of their own skin so to speak and inbred so they could meet and great, so to speak, other people who would breed with them and enjoy a pang of glee at knowing that they had had a knight between their legs.  I will be able to tell you more when I know more but it seems that it wasn’t only the knights who were a flagrante with their love for it was too a rumour that there had been a long dispute between the Mayor of the village and his elder son and this had resulted in the assumbridge of all who felt a little begotten from the slumming of the fool boy who went by the name of Rich too.  He was the village idiot and so began the game of being on the road at the time of the night when all were asleep and being able then to make a lot of noise without affecting the witch who lived over the way from his house as she was out carousing with the lads down at the Sable-Eyed Goat as it was called, the public house that is.

I shall be able to tell you more presently when I have found a way of getting along with the fu of being alone with the world outside like I am going to be coming out or something.  I do not know what it is waiting for – I am not going to go out until this book is finished when I shall go to the pub and be.  I will take the rent and go to the pub and get drunk on the laughter and the fun of being in the road at the same time as the killer, namely the progressive Ms C P who knows what it is like to be hated now. I will not show it however not unless the opportunity presents with a spit in her direction or such graceful execution of my disgust.  In the manner of my speaking there should be by now a node of sympathy for the encumbrant members of the elite here in Bath who must remain while I seek solace in an ancient town called Bath where there is a full-name tagged number of insolents who all need malfeasance in order to survive.  It is about time they all knew what it is to survive and get better and not feel that it is the end of their lives here in Bath like they do.  They should feel it is an open door out of here but they don’t, they feel it is a home they are stuck with and I hate them for it.  I hate their insular reticence to make friendly people their own friends but instead they rifle through their drawers and ask them for directions when they know where they are going they just want to see if they are wearing a watch.  I see that it is time for a cup of tea and so I shall go and make one presently.  I knew it would come to that as I feel it is kill or be killed here in Bath as I let my feelings known about the mason population and the new thing called the Free.  I knew that it would come to this – that I would fight to the last and before I would give in to fear and that is what they are counting on – that I will be frightened out of my council house.  I will not!

I will be the endlessly patient one who puts up with the intrusion throughout the mess that concerns me namely my publication deal with the requisite company here in Bath which I shall approach forthrightly enough when I get the chance.  In the meantime I want to be able to make it a point of being a one up man ship time here when all the people have to be here and not in the stool or position of being told.  I want the use of the full time whistle blow to increase the flatulence of the party and thence the fat of the open mouthed policy to be able to see what it is that I mean when I say it is a shitheap of a town and not the fast-growing metropolis it is hyped-up to be.  It is full of blue-blooded hounds and basker-ville types who do not know when to stop.  I will stop them if they don’t, I warn you!  I was once the best shot in the battalion and now I know what it is I want ot shoot!  Partridge!

I want to skiet shoot the number of pigeons it takes to fill a pot and then eat a full breakfast and so I shall be going to the lot in the morning to gainsay the netto and the notary public as to the wary individual that lurks within each and every one of you here.  I will see to it that you are all fannied and fancied back to the plastic passionless topic of the fruit of our labour now that it all is tits up in Syria and then again, is it?  It is about to take the world by storm that it is intended to be a war there to end all wars this time, going from the end of the beachhead in Syria to Turkey across the line ot the Western Desert of Iraq and Syria and Jordan as well as Saudi Arabia and Yemen where so many people have died in mysterious circumstance.  I want to be then and now the one who goes and the one who knows so go!

I have to find the one who goes and that means taking a long time about it and choosing with difficulty for it is about time that someone other than the usual gets selected to go to Town and that means I will see you I Hell before I leave here, bastards.  I want to go to the Town too but I can’t because it is too dangerous for me to walk alone at night now and I don’t want the trouble ensisted from drunken louts in the idle of the road. I will be then and now the only one who gets all the right things together and not the right thing.  I want to be able to go out at night and therefore I must leave Bath and go where I can.  I will and then it will start to be the game of all Kings as I sit on the throne once more.

I want to state for the case against me that I have no instance of misharm approaching me and this is about the time of it – when I get along with everyone and then it spins out and I get no one here at all cos I have mistreated someone and here it is: I will be the first to admit I mistreat my friends but it makes me think what they get out of me if they take it and I wonder why they stick around – to hear what?  Now that they have all gone away and home to bed it is possible just to be able to mak the lot of them gain a single most variable away from the measure of the principle called the gainsay of the newton.  The newton by the way is the measurement of force.  It goes without saying that it is about time that we all gave way to the Force of Time and gave it to the world that it was impossible to die old and yet be young at heart since it is insincere to say that.  Young people don’t know what it feels like to be old and therefore it is impossible to say what it feels like to be one of the gang at 64 say.  It is not the one who is young it is the one who is making money who counts here.  It so needs to be expressed that it is about the money and not the youth that makes the fun of Life come to all and that makes the rest of us shallow and unlocated from the rest of the world.

It is about time that all the sundry populations of the world understand that they are par of a brotherhood that is not white and they are needed to redress the balance in influence between theleaders of the far right white Americans of the future and the weight of the ominous Japan and China conflict that burrows away at the National Party f the Japanese Front or whatever it is called.  The pose as gangsters and mobsters known as yakuza but really they are out of work and poor and os they get tattoo’d and become rebels.  It is a name that makes all Japan wonder at their misdeeds to have to put up with such a malarkey but it shows disrepentance for the war crimes of the second world war of over 60 years ago now, when they all have to take a fall for their part in the infestation of fascism in the far-east.  It shows too that they do not care about the feeling of those occupied with the islands, the islanders themselves who are not asked what part of the continent they would like to belong to, Japan or China.  It does not stop them from all getting into trouble with the rent and following the slide into the foam of the river, so to speak, as the slide is the mouth of the turret of the man who will be able to gainforth my serecular noose.

It is about time that I say that it is about time that I see the remains of the result of the Times International Railway System or TIRS for short, in the view of the most rampant man in the history of Johannesburg namely Joe DiMaggio Fraser III who wanted to find the best way to get a load of money off his hands without drawing the attention of the tax man so he invested in the house of Lords through the inveigling of his conspirator the number one contender for the throne of England namely CW who was on his way to a Lordship after his father died.  They had all been used to the wy of being untended when they upheld their decisions regarding the length of stay of the decreased sensory personages known as they and then.  So it is unique to be able to gain a long term memory stem from the long and short of it, namely GL, who shall remain nameless throughout the countless days that shall unfold in the next two weeks of writing and rewriting.  If it is true that they all like me and copy me then it is a point I fact that they do not know when to go nor where with this thing which they are pulling towards themselves.  Should they treat me like a prodigal or like a daughter who had never been there at all and they had just forgot.  Surely not only graduates from their estate make it through the doors of the colleges without being known for their prowess behind a steering wheel of velocity and turmoil?  Anyway it is about the state of the Railway and the usage they gain from it to lubricate the wheel of industry, their industry, that they are known and not the use of their toe to make do with the foot of the known galaxies forsooth.  I will be the gainser but not the reverse so it is about time that the real one should stand up and take a bow before I have to in place of the fool.

I will be able to mend my ways if I see you do too.  I will see to it that you gain a long send-off at the end of your life if it is the need of you and not just a want as seems to be the case with most people.  It is a need must be and a need must bay but not a need must and a need must is the thing that makes it a necessary evil to have wakes when they cost so much in alcohol and so they go down as being in the sins of the Father and not in the Saintlihood of Behaviours.

Tell the people that they must not do as the Irish for they all are sinners and though they go to church and properly too they do not need to go to the end of the town for it as do so many of them in search of the right denomination for their carol singing at Christmas and so it goes to show that it could all be there and then the only ones who do it are the rentboys themselves.  The rest do so at their very best behaviours and so goes to show they all enjoy fun but not sunshine ‘cos it is all about the tiny amount they knew and not the tiny amount they know.  I refute that and say that it is about the tiny amount they see and the tiny amount they know that makes them all throwbacks to the Dark Ages when all things were evil and not one could ever mount a higher gainforth than you.  It could be that it could take a long time indeed for it all to wear off and for the rest of the world to be able to gainforth the use of the towel and the timeous interference from the Queen herself hereby stops all transmission.

Okay it is about time I explain all these reference to the Royal family in my text.  It is because I have a longtime friendship with Her Highness Princess Zara which has only just begun to find fruit with the realname of my suit being called the Baskr-ville sucre or sugar so that it is done so and not done so not.  It is so going to make a storm in South Africa when I appear on the arm or by the side of Her Highness that the rest shall gape including my sisters and their brother.  I will be then and only then the one who is capable of being then and now the conductor of the piece such that it will make sound no sound and so it will go.  I will break the peace with it and I will shinder the timeous arrival of Mr Holly Baird as the new keeper of the breed.  (It is a new name for Mr C.)   will be able to keep him in check if he is able to make it into the shire of the lord with whom he is enabled to chat whenever he wishes.  So say the Queen and her Keeper, the Duke of Edinburgh.  It is without doubt the most firesome feeling to eb able to talk to a Knight whenever you want and that seems to be the way of it – I am to get a Knighthood and that is for services to the Queen.  It would be keener if I was able to tell everyone but it is about to happen in the press when they see me in action at the Oxford Uni and see what I have been working on all these years.  These works have been known to be the end of the world to some people and this is the chance to make it stand, so that I get my PhD and not the other way around and get schnai’d by the other side for being churlish.

It went like this:  I want to suck you dick, sunshine but I do not want to make you understand me that is, I do not want you to understand what it is that I want you to do, I just want you to do it.  It will censorize the esteem of the church flow who is reading this blog and therefore the end of the story shall be his to read later when I decide to post it.

I want to be able to make this an end of the line post.  I want to know what it is that makes the lot of you/us get so informally punished by things that are not beyond our control but our species does not recognise it in this secular society that we live in.  The need for growth and the need for warmth are two things that do not give a lot of things to the world but they do ask a lot and that makes it too possible for words to be able to make it along the way to the next election booth. It is going to be a long campaign and the uses of the futile is that it will make a lot of people useful and a lot of people feel it is okay to be disabled again like they used to.  At the moment it is a disadvantage to be disabled and it is so unnecessary in this world of computing and other instance of computerised control that need no interference.  It is about time that we all get strong and start the vaccine against discrimination in the workplace against the disabled and against the abled mentally ill as well.  By taking all the rentboys off the street and putting them in hostels we would be able to get a lot of the inhuman side of homelessness away from the sight of the lonely people who use them for their experience of the seedy side of life now they understand that it is forbidden but not understood and therefore able to get.  It is not about the need of it it is about the power and control that goes with it.  I will be able to explain further later when the need arose before i.e. the need arose and then I shall say.  Not before.

I will say more – that all shall be here and not all shall not be too.  That means that all shall eb then and ever like the one who did and not the one who did not and this is the way of things and not the way of the being called the wayward thing or the Airy Neave of the airplace or airplane planet called the Eye of the Storm or Miami Airport where so many Puerto Ricans and Hondurans and Haitians are turned back for lack of visas. Now that they have all come to peace about it and come to some agreement about the permissibility to fly over Cuba without being shot down, it is possible to go to Cairo City in New Orleans from the capital of Cuba itself and no one would ask you any questions.  Now.  But Havana has not always been as free as it is now and only thirty years ago it was enforcing a rule that all schools had to recite about their favourite uncle, Castro, such was the indoctrination program of the regime.  I would not do today for they all to see what it is that their children are doing in the States where there is freedom of movement and of association and a freedom to do what you want to always bearing in mind there will be a price to pay.

I want not be able to say that there will be a voluable sound when I leave the vicinity of the house but I will not as it will be the end of the time and not the time of the end.  It will not be a long time ahead but it will be the short whither you unable or able yourself.  You will in the end get what you deserve and that will be then end of the time and not the start.  The end of Life itself shall be yourn.

If it is shown that all the reapermen are sown of the same stock and shown to be able to get a lot of time for themselves to be able to reap the benefits of being the men they are/were then it shows that they must be able to make it to the narcotics lab before the rent does because there is definitely a smell of rentboy in this town and that does not mean light.  It means right as in right down the hole, if you catch my drift.

I will be brief.  I will see that you get the all encompassing mode of relation called a hug as soon as you gain some poundage and see for yourself how thin yu are.  Don’t, Doll! I will start you on the slimline plan after you say that you will eat!  I want you to know that it is about the end of the time and not the time of the end.  It is about the end of the time-out and the end of the time-in, but not the end of the time-in and the time-out.  It should not be unimportant to you as to whether you receive them or not but it should make a difference if it is not going to make a ball of shit out of the world such as it will be.  I will end it all now if that is so.  But it ain’t.

I won’t to be able to give away all the secrets of my past so that others can learn from them.  And it is not easy to be able to do this without getting a lot of areas mixed up with each other and so it goes that I do not mix well with peanut head academics who do not understand what life is about and the enjoyment on can raise without needing to be arcane when it comes to scientific endeavour.  I must be able to get a  lot of time from them as it seem that I have a box full of notes to go through from the past times I have been at the University and I know it.  When I go through that box I know I shall find a lot of thing there that are wrong, factually.

I want to be able to gain from this some experience of the use of my mind to be free to think and imagine things while I write so I can place myself in those positions without there being a new one from an old.  I want to but I am unable to because I have been tamed and turned into a miser when it comes to ideas and sharing of them and it does not get a lot of answers from the audience when you are on slow to go, slow to show.  It is about time that the rent was paid and that the rentboys all went home to Cardiff or whatever they come from and here they are.  Here they are and there they go!  I watch them leave town and I am disgusted that they were here in the first place.  They must have heard that I was available to rent to them as a makepeace with the masonic lodge but I don’t think so!  Not me!  No way!

Copyright B E Saunders 2016



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