Bicameral Hostility

This is Surreal and…..uhhh. So good!

Poesy plus Polemics

Adrian+Nadeau+Art+_+Saint+John+New+Brunswick+_+Abstract+Art+-+Plans “Abstract Brain” by Adrian Nadeau

two brains may be
one brain too many
this constant contention
between left and right
takes a toll on the soul
each intelligent hemisphere
curbed and curtailed
by antagonist tendencies

forensics in combat with faith
language vying with music
calculus clashing with concepts
cold logic against intuition
well-reasoned analysis
fights well-imagined hypothesis
science a truculent foe
in the face of philosophy

thanks be to God for the poet
that singular lifeform
uniquely equipped
to collaborate truce
to bring synthesis from the division
and make of the mind
one astonishing whole
worth much more than its halves

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