Sci Fi 1

(Introduction: This is Part i- if it is too difficult to read, please comment as to when and where I should place the comma’s/language explanations or just tell me in a comment.  I would like the feedback.  This is my first Science Fiction exploit and I want it to be good)


There was a time when I cared very much about life.  I would sit by the fire and wonder at its strength and fearsome flame.  It would seem that it could consume anything at all, at its hottest and they still know that it is about to blow.  About to blow sky-high, in the event of a Memphis Slim kinda ordeal where all the men and women get along but don’t ever see eye to eye about somethings like the when and the where of the New Coming of the Age of Four Red Cloths.

The Four Cloths were the sign of the red and yellow fever that swept through the land until all that had suffered its ill effects should have been dead.  But one did survive and he tells a story of woe that led to the apocalyptic state of the world as it is now and was then.

With the telling of this story is a fulltime use of the word “Tom” which is the one word that means a lie when it comes to the fruition of the fruit and plants of the galaxy.  It would be the one word that would meet and make way for the world of the tomato and its derivative plants like the insanely auditive and audible use of the plant Hermosa which would be the best word for the use that could be shown to make a lot of noise if it could.  It could for it used the method of appearing to be harmless in order to be able to make the wheat and corn to be the gainful possession of the heart of the matter i.e. it poisoned the grains and made them inedible and therefore it would be the start of the grain famine that would sweep the world.

It will be the end of the planet when they all start to think about the start of the war and its resolution.  There will be an end to all the real ones who asked for the time to be alive and then forgot to tell their family about it and thus forgot to ensure the survival of the species.  The Real Ones are the thought potanicals who make use of the potato to survive, making it possible to generate the live source of food from the end product of the tree, namely pulp. By making potato from the tree, they were able to survive and make do.  But it came to pass that they would not be able to make it.  For their use of the pulp led to a disease called the American Dreaming, also called the Lot, for it gave a lot of time to the energisers who led forward to gain a long time from the rent.  In other words, it gave a lot of time to the people who went to the forest to collect the pulp, to be able to make the way to be, in the end, the Promised People.  But it also gave a lot of time to the promicus or leaf of the pine, to be able to generate the prehensile tongue of the feeder who would be the first to get the left-over rainfall and give it to the rent.  The Rent, so to seen, is the rest of the Waif-like usage of the rainfall and water to be able to make it in and to make it out.  In other words, it is a pee-strain that gave rise to the lot of the wall or the wallstink which came from the owners of the pond being able to make it to the wall to piss where they would spread the Lot to the Rent.

When spread, this American Dreaming led to the non-solute number of solutions who would then be able to make it to the roof of the nearby steeple when it should be the one who gains and not the one who loses.  It is about time that they all gave way to the Rent.  It is the Rent that makes them all give a long time and not a low form of living.  To be able to live is to be able to rise and fall without stopping.  To be able to make do and to make so many new friends that it is impossible to do without getting along in the front of the wire.  In the wire one is forced to make do and to make through and then it shall be able to make the Rent.  The Rent is the rainfall that makes the ruins of Earth look fresh and eager to be responded to. It is about time that you undertook to get all the remainder into the wealth of nations and unto the Real New One called the Endzone.  The Endzone is the space where all the let’s-take-a-bow-time shall be.

It can be shown that it occurred when all the night and stars were upon us that the end of the world began.  It began with the destruction of the Food Chains and that led to the destruction of starch and therefore the beginning of the fool-errand of demanding that all starches be destroyed for want of a better way to behave.


  1. So I found your fiction page. The first story you asked me to read doesn’t seem to be on here. About the boy that left his mother looking for his fortune I think I remember. Where is it? I’ll page through these.

    Had that glass of wine. Tilted in your general direction. It was three quarters full when I was done pouring. That’s something isn’t it?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. If you look up IFFN on my blog – it’s a separate site, you will find it. Four Chapters that I submitted. Three quarters full is better than half empty – whoops! Did I speak too soon? Cheers!


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