My wife doesn’t like my Poetry

My wife doesn’t like me writing poetry to you

Nor does my girlfriend

You are like a hidden memory

Of the girl who was so perfect for me

Oh so long ago

when we first met.

When we first met I was shy and retiring

I had not a gift in the world for you

I had only the clothes on my back

and a hard handed palm from labour

Now I have won through to the end game

and the following is mostly true

I have met a woman who is too far away

for me to challenge with a kiss

and she can walk away anytime she wants

But that should be later when

I know she will stay for

the longest read of all time

as I explain that I do not wish

for her

I wish only for Life

and you deprive me of it

without thinking about it

and i do not like it


Copyright B E Saunders

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