This is what you want

I don’t want to die in a home

I’ll kill you all first

Self-determination is like Religion

In the hands of Doctors

I’ll kill you all first

I’m paranoid schizophrenic and I’ll kill you all first

Before you make me die in a home

I’ll fly to Tahiti

Or I’ll kill you all first.

Copyright B E Saunders

    • The story of the movie to be made about the Mental Health Patient who starved to death in a barn, leaving a journal. Thanks.

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      • It was a forty or so old woman. FRom what I read she had been released from a facility without the knowledge of her family and she ended up in a barn, kept a jornal and ate apples. She spent a Winter in a barn and died of starvation. This is an American story. I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia which is crazy. I am a writer not paranoid. And it occurs to me to think about what could eventually happen when I grow older.

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  1. Wow!

    Profound piece!

    Hey Bruce!

    How’s everything going?

    I was away for quite long: p

    Have a nice day my friend


    • Hello my Sweet! How are you? I hope you are well and it was not a “bad” interruption to your presence here? YOu have been missed – but i too have been taking a wee break from the Creative Exercise. Speak again when I have read the rest of your comments, for which I thank you ever so in advance! You’re a luv!

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      • I missed u as well

        Yeah I had exams! : (

        And this kept me away from WP.
        And finally I m here : )

        And read ur poems : p

        Have a sweet evening.

        I will b regular .n u too b : ))

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      • It’s not the two that maketh One
        It is the two
        who put forth upon the page
        who render the facileness of the World
        to shreds and to render it thus
        is to be C-o-o-o-ol! Bye Sweets!

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      • Wow

        How sweet poem : )

        See! This is called spontaneous poetry!


        I m so happy to c u again



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      • The point is that paranoid schizophrenics are just like anyone else – we/they want a holiday in Tahiti too!!

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  2. Cezane & Michelle said:

    Kill you all first! I liked that repitation. Nailing every Line Hard! – Cezane


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