Storm Warning

It can tell

By the smell

Of the sea when to be

Aware of the oncoming

Flush of water, the smooth

Wet-wear of the night-swanning

Into the weary time called

Light-house wering

Where we all gain a longtime

View of the real time of the loss

Of the ships

Through the weather prophet being

A long time in the making

But little in the wearing.

It shall be the end of the world

As we start to take along a real

Time real place sort of timing license

And use the wrong sending to make

It to the end of the sailing

And forecast the use of furled weather

Balloons to be sure of

The weather in the near future.


Balloon balloon

It lakes us frills and all the same as

The use of the weir and waring of the wheel

And shows us to the end of the story

When it all shall be then and there the use of all things

And the loss of the real thing called the weft and the



Copyright B E Saunders 2016

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