Eight Ball

Pool is a game for winners

But not this one

This is the key

The sign of the times

When a man has the time

To eat a little, snort a lot

And eighth is the form of exchange

As we keel over from the moist

Exchange of tongues in many


To be able to make

A lot of it go round we need

To see to it that all the China-plates

Are with us on the former

And the latter-day Saint-if

It is to be believed they all

Gained a long view of the world

And took themselves

To India for the China-white.

If you do believe God then all you need

Is the fart in the wind to know it is a

Happenstance that we all see

With the same eye yet do not

Speak in the tongue of evil.



Copyright B E Saunders 2016

      • Oh yeah, I read it – today’s was almost grammatically correct too. Shame on you!!


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