The Burden (of Love)

If you love

then you understand

what it means

to be free of the


of love

for it is about

time that you came

to me.

Please feel free

to ask for money

but understand the terms

of the agreement

for you must

leave your home

for a while

and come here

where I am

and understand

that it is about the One

who can call you


Not the One who can

call you.

Anyone can

But I am not there for them

I am here for You

so you are my Love

and that makes us

Even in keel

and steady as she goes

for we are a ship

at night, asail

with lights on

not silent in the deep

sea for it is

the end of your sailing careers

as we make for the shore

To be worth it we must kiss

and that makes us


Tough questions will be asked

and that means honest responses

like:  Who or what makes you

decide to Like Me

when there are worlds apart

who will ask you

for your hand too.

I am alone.

You are too.

I need a lone hand

and you a send off

for you are about to cruise

into eternal Bliss.

Copyright B E Saunders 2016

    • Thank you vv much, Respected Reader! Have a good day now! B


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