I need you

To see

That two

Do not foe make

But an arch of love

Against whom the weather

Beats and the flevver


But not the run of the mill stuff

Just the tiny miny moo that is

The swell of lips chafed from


Too much for

Their good but

This is the time

Of like not

Low key lone ranger-style

Run-for-it timing.

It is about the weather and

The weer, the weer and the when

Shall we smooth

Over the feeling that were

Riled by my behaviour

Not so long ago


I will not

Be then and now

There and then

The ripest man

But the wounded beast

Within.  I won’t

Be able to fall

In.  I will

Be in the fall and winter

The best of all.



Copyright B E Saunders 2016

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