Not a care in the world


I don’t wash or shave

I have no children

Nor a wife to call my own

I don’t care for the principle of waiting

For the Alfred colony too

In the waiting for the death

Of me

I want to be

The end of the line

The end of the line

For us.




(The Alfred colony is a queue in waiting for me to die – Alfred cos they do what they want and see if it affects me like Quantum physics does.)


Copyright B E Saunders 2016

  1. Ohh God!

    how sad is this!

    U kno!
    Man borns alone
    Dies alone.
    The ultimate place is the Earth!
    The nature, soil.

    if this was the ultimate goal!
    I wonder! y so many things in between!
    Life sometimes is a mystery to me as well.

    Man borns lives 50/60 yrs n dies! Its over!
    Another man borns same things
    never ending loop.

    Isnt it confusing n strange!

    oh wait!
    I m confused or m I confusin u!


    I meant that. life is a limited tym.
    sorrows or joys! don’t matter at all.
    bcoz everything has an end!



    • Nihilist! Thanks for the poem Sweetheart – you are so cute when you try to comfort those who are older and less experienced than you 🙂 Take car I_g – I am sure I will see you through the week, if not, through the window. Peace


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