Haibun with D-verse

Running on the spot, walking next to the Avon, spires pierce the emerald green of sylph and sloth as we start to be in pagan fyords of panic, away from the risk-management of systemology and in the work of the fieldhand we shield our eyes from the daylight in their use of hurting and towers for our rest.  We begin to see that it is abounded with agriculture and club-nights that make the town a richest and poorest in the neighbourhood and again we shall understand that it takes a longtime to get a little head ‘round here.

Who are you that drinks

From our well beside the dam

Your crowning moment

Copyright B E Saunders 2016

  1. This is the second time I am attempting to leave a comment. I enjoyed your haibun muchly. Welcome to dVerse.


    • Thank you v much for taking the time to stop by and commenting! You’re welcome!


      • Oh good. This meant the comment got through to you. I am an old retired engineer so I can understand some of what you are talking about. I hope you will join us again for other prompts and for future haibun Mondays!

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      • Yes it looks like I shall be joining the group as a middleaged and unemployed engineer who likes to let it “hangout”


      • That sounds like fun. Just be sure to visit other writers and to link your poem so we can read. Our administrator, Bjorn (physicist from the dark side) fixed it for you.

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      • Thank you – actually I am a Biomimeticist – so an engineer from the Greenside! 😉


  2. It is good poetry that compels me to read and read again. Much to absorb in your well-crafted words!

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    • Oh my Goodness, Sweetie – that is the nicest thing anyone has said about my words, ever! Bless you for them and thank you for stopping by! B

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  3. Patti said:

    This moved me. I kept thinking of those who labor for little in the fields of agribusiness to make others wealthy.

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    • It was about time that it was written that a little shrinkage (as in head shrinkage or psychiatry) isn’t bad – speaking of which, did you know that conventional anti-psychotics do indeed shrink the brain, hence the term, “Shrink”? Adios!


  4. Oh great… What a vivid imaginary you paint especially in your prose part.

    I tried to comment also on you link on Thursday but couldn’t find it.. so good that I can comment on your haibun… Something very weird happened when you linked up directly to your site, I got a warning for phishing… but when I linked up directly to your poem it worked fine… Great to have you on board.

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    • THANK you my friend – yes I got a distressing note that the link was unsecure which threw me somewhat as it didn’t happen on Monday….I’ll look into it. Have a Good Day, B, signed B


    • Pleased to meet you, Petru. hmmm. I’ve not made a good start have I – I’ve been having a hard time with humility lately…sorry.


  5. lillian said:

    The juxtaposition of the dam and the well…..some say expansion or modernization….others say a lessening and unnatural. Food for thought here.

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    • Thank you Mish – for the visit and all. Bless! 🙂 B


  6. Dams of NatUre hiGh and low
    in mechanical cognition lost
    from wHole.. fires of moonlight
    naKed dancE hUman reAL..
    yeS.. Ivory
    towers cOld
    away from liFe..

    For mE aT lEast
    onLY.. a wiNdow a ForResT
    back door.. Beach.. aWay..:)

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