Robert Plant (God) and Robert Maxwell Jnr


The crux is a signal sent from Robert Maxwell himself to Robert Plant instructing him to wage war upon me concealed in a Times Crossword Puzzle which I solved but which was of unknown value until now.  The clue to the puzzle was “Songbird of tree and meadow”. also “The Reason for the Angry Word” which Pete of Pete and Victoria, Marion Rance’s friends of that time, gave me later from his truck while driving past.

So we have also the Aaron Spelling Production of “Friends and the license plate game which is still being waged even as we speak with AUT registrations racing across town and leaving a wind in their trace. This keeps recurring and I expect to see a license saying AUT or UCU attack me from the front to leave an imprint on my head.

So Robert Plant received instruction to attack me including the false poisoned tooth that he removed personally from my bedsit.  This was supposed to make me ill and then send me back to SA to die.


Bruce E Saunders

Copyright B E Saunders June 2016

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