Quadrille. Take a pill

In the spill of it all

I threshold did the use of all messages


And then I did know that it was a filler

For the real thing where they all try to hump

The girl in the backrow of the cartoon theatre.

Copyright B E Saunders 2016


Composed and published for tonight’s pub get together on dVerse, a Quadrille including the word “spill”.

    • It’s just “flash” so as always I am pleasantly surprsed at praise – thank you indeed!


  1. Yes.. hate does spill
    in 9 year old back
    row theaters
    of domination
    and hate.. hate
    spills iN eYes oF
    soUls wItH no
    for heARts
    thaT need
    oF SpiRiT
    no bottom

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      • Ah, sorry… it’s a form of poetry that first came about in the early 2000s. At first sight, it might be nonsensical, but it actually makes sense. That’s absolutely NOT to say your poem was nonsense – i thought it was fantastic and you used words in a way that was refreshing. And i loved the last part.

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      • No – Neolgistic – I am a Voice Hearer who wries down his dictates in free form


      • Ah. Well I have learned something new and interesting, so thank you!

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