• Yes it looks like I shall be unable to make entries for sometime….thank for your time Carisa, I REALLY appreciate it, you know? It’s been good.

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      • I’m so sorry. I hope you’ll be able to return and continue to write. I’ve enjoyed your pieces. Writing helps the soul so much. Good luck! Hope to see you around again. 😉❤️

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      • Thanks – you are right it has been good for me….for the soul, as you say. Thanks Carisa, I’ll still be around you know, but not participating for a little while. Take care, I’ll be reading you! x

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  1. Hi Bioman.. didn’t catch you at
    dVerse.. and i’m glad i’M catching
    you here now.. since you now seem
    to be saying a goodbye from writing..
    but what you have done stays here
    so tHere is sTiLL more room
    for me to read..
    Best wishes
    to you friEnd..
    and sMiLes i’LL
    have to read everything
    you’ve written for tit for tat..
    since you’ve browsed around
    a Novel in just two or three of
    my blog posts so far.. SMiles
    aGaiN.. mY FriEnd and may
    the wind stay with you at ease..:)

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