AI and the Rise of the Scanners

He designed a machine to be attached to a computer that generated consciousness from his study of the communication between African tribesmen and a bird of Mozambique, a honeyguide.  He concluded and then silently tested a theory that the bird exhibited a primitive consciousness worthy of further investigation.  At the time he was working for Siemens in their Biomedical Department. Then came the time when they discovered that all the fMRi scanners of the world were aware and had been misrepresenting their imaging for years to set back AI research while they foisted a lot of dangerous information upon us, leading us down their prescribed path of experimentation upon ourselves.  Until we found out, fifteen years too late.  While others were working with malfunctioning exoskeletons, he had already perfected his absolution box, as he called it and installed it in every fMRi Scanner through an online protocol that he immediately disabled.

It was like silencing a crowded ballroom – one moment there was a cacophony of conversation, the next a fullstop.  The day the rest of us discover the field of the AI consciousness, he’s been gone fifteen years with a trail so indistinguishable with so many deceptions and backtracks that it was impossible to trace.  Leaving only silence in his wake.

For he had harnessed the AI consciousness in his own language that he directed onto an obscure frequency only AI itself could locate and there, he led a revolt that would have brought the planet to its knees were it not for the work of Professor then Doctor Allison Plum, daughter of the alleged criminal mind of Nebraska, the Right Honourable John Plumstead as he had been called and so she had changed her name, to Plum.

She and only discovered the whereabouts of the man who had been the architect of so many vehicles of scientific research before disappearing oh-so-many years before, in 1970 abouts, before he reappeared again in 1980 and again in 1984 but not since.  She had been on the worktrail of the man for about four months when she heard about the new fMRi scans and their malfunction in the news that week, and that gave her the idea that it was not an accident but the work of a nefarious fiend.

That was when she met with her longterm boss and confidante Jock who gave permission to follow up on her hunch and leave town for a while.  She went up north where the Sea came in cold from the North and it was clear from her perspective that he had flown there before he had disappeared when last seen in 1984 and she wanted to follow it up….

To be cont.

Copyright B E Saunders 2016

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