Cashing Out

“Cashing out” is the term used for cancelling  a bet off your spread before it gets counted against you, the limit being twenty minutes before full time.  People visit the bookies then sit in the pub having a drink and watching the game.  They monitor the progress against their own predictions and move accordingly, modifying their betting spread as the evening progresses and the results come in, as far as possible.  A crazy man gets greedy and doesn’t cash out and holds out for a reversal of fortune on the playing field of life.

Summit to do, innit?

Cashin’ in ain’t the word for it

Cashing on is the big ideal

Let’s fool around and gain some insight

Into what it’s like to be rich again

For you are the allbeing end of it all

And so it goes that you are the One who shall be

The wend and the wearing part of the fraction

In traction

For me to




Copyright B E Saunders 2016

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