Voice Hearing – the Experience

I have decided to write something of the Voice Hearing Experience.  It’s a part of the Great Experiment that is my poetry, which I classify as flash but which, when I am going strong and hallucinating freely, is really the product of my hallucinating mind.

What has developed over a period of time is a relationship between sleep deprivation and hallucinating of the form known as internal hallucinations.  It started with some heavy kicks to the head in an unprovoked assault some 14 years ago which has had me in and out of mental institutions seven or eight times now.

The anti-psychotic I am on, Aripiprizole, is on a time release since it is an injection and it has the side effect of insomnia.  And I get hallucinations, so what is causing what?

When asked what Voice Hearing is like and how it is different from ordinary thinking in terms of an experience….?  It takes a while and a little groundwork.

First of all, you have to accept that people who hear voices can and may engage with them and hold conversations.  These will sound one sided if they are aloud since the answering voice is inside their head as a hallucination.

Second of all, if you see someone doing that you must understand that they have accepted the premise, impossible though it is, that they are capable of psychic experiences such as this one.  Or they will behave that way, even if it is just a management technique for their Voice Hearing.

Okay? That should clear up some of the early questions.

Now my Voice or voices, are pretty lucid most of the time and capable of taking me through some very strange scenarios, from disarming a nuclear device using ESP and an outstanding mathematics ability, to commanding a nuclear submarine.  I have spoken with world leaders and written hundreds of poems and short stories.

This is what some psychiatrists are labelling as schizophrenia but it isn’t.   It has taken me over a decade to get to this point.




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