Pie Day

It’s a day for children to look at the sky

And say what shall we do today?

To look at the stars and wonder at pi

Think about things and start the foray

Into science and delve into the core

Of the financial behaviour of the rand

And stave off proceeding to or-

Der the full Monty proposal and

Gander at the raulk of the findings

Which do not go for the whender nor the wain

For it’s the time of the place

When no one should be found without

Handles to bear them over your head

For they are in danger of drowning.

(I do not like the pressure on the South African Rand to change the peoples’ policy on Libya, BRIC, etc)

Now that you understand the need

For a look at the way that all are aware

Yet un-, it is good to know

You understand the predicament

For me too.

Copyright B E Saunders 2016

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