Criminal Minds

With criminal minds we open the door with a pick

We do not ken righteously ‘nuf that it is the end

Of the real time newt and the start of the old town


P-off Missus!

You don’t look Saintly!

Now do go along down the town

And forget to walk in the way

Of a bus right?


It is an interesting place to compose oneself


Upon this written page

To try and identify oneself

As possessing some sage-

Like qualities that would attract

The Tom, Dick and Harry in you

To agree.


It isn’t a Mental exercise to be able to make

Do with the rest of your kisses

Be assured I will be the One

Who is most compared with.


The sweep of the clock and the ripening

Of the sunflower seeds; fortune costs

Us a lot of time.



I see you as in the shower

All buds and pipes

And long-limbed seduction

And limitless trouncing if the flames that make

Me burn.


Copyright B E Saunders 2016

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