If I whisper

And you hear


Does it mean

I shall be the only

Thing you can see


And so it is

That sowing the chaff

Does not equal

A full life.


Dust forms

And Particles

Wane, away

From the

Port of Storms


Cape Town.



It winds its way

To the seafront of life

And goes to show that

All is not clear, here

And then it is so again

More so.


Copyright B E Saunders 2016

    • (sigh) The sooner the better. I hope for two months over your Summer. I’d love to backpack with laptop and write may way through the place!


      • Good. Hope you manage. If you get to this area, let me know.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you P, I will! You live in a special place and i have memories of going there with my parents when I was young, stopping above Blyde River canyon at the wigwam looking chalets on the way to or from Skukuza.


      • Don’t know when last you were here. Things have gone very commercial and touristy. Some hiking trails (the Blyde one for instance) can be dangerous. People have been robbed. Bring your rose tinted spectacles.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh around 1984/5!!! Yes I hear you – everything changes Sweetheart, I know it and no doubt you too. In the end it is all about the One who remembers it all and does not get a long face about the changes. So do you? Wear rose tinted specs, that is, about the past?


      • No I don’t. But it may very well be a good idea. As for the present, or in the meantime, I avoid the tourist trail like hell!

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      • When I was last there….the chalets were the ONLY accommodation available and stood alone across the highway from a viewing point. Now I guess i can expect to be fleeced!


      • I’m considering inviting you to stay in my house while you are in the area, at a very reduced rate, to cover electricity costs mainly. We are after all complete strangers and I’ve never done this before – am a bit of a lone wolf, a vegetarian one at that – but maybe we can see closer to the time. Will you be travelling by yourself?

        Liked by 1 person

      • I’m in shock! Wow! It so happens that I want to come to SA for a couple of months….and your position is ideal for some of the things I want to do – like collect specimens if you are not averse to me going round with a killing jar. Perhaps we should proceed by e-mail? Mine is brucesaunders23@hotmail.co.uk…? I want to write and collect insect and plant specimens like an old fashioned Naturalist and the Eastern Transvaal (as it was) is ideal and exotic. I would be travelling alone yes, at the moment, unless I coerce a cameraman….


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