Predictive Poem


Me: Coffee at twelve

B: Woke up late. Okay.

B: Ten teas?

Me: Yes please!

Weed isn’t legal here in the UK even for medicinal purposes – in my opinion this means that a large number of the population of the UK are involved in illegal practises of some kind.  Most of the time.

City Centres are all under camera which makes all the trade go indoors – if you have a home of your own.

Australia legalises but the stigma here remains as strong as ever.  People start spouting the arguments of the Right as if they are valid, such is the depth of the brain-washing.  Even dealers.

You’ve seen “Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels?”  Well the truth is even stranger.


Me: Coffee?

B: Ten teas at twelve?

Me: Yeah!

B: k

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