Riot Squad

Image result for new police riot uniform uk

We write like it’s the last thing we are gonna do

Write this poem

And touch our hearts to yourn

In hope that it touches

The part that does heal

And no scar tissued

Usage would then be found.

For I will be the then and there, the One

And Only One

Who does it for you

In such a way that it doesn’t

Need to be filled with a noisy

Emitrude of enfection

And ‘morse.

There will be

A then and this that doesn’t need

And it shall be a then and there that makes

It to the end of the timebeing

Without so much as being in the thread or needle

Of issues that do not comply

With authority’s use of tell-tale smog-like performance

Enhancing purpose-built hosiery.


Copyright B E Saunders 2016

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