• It’s a cultural think, I think…I think of some Turkish kids I once watched diving off a pier in Marmaris, and how they all looked after and played with a disabled brother. Comparatively, the British way is heartless, and it goes right to the heart of the family and selfishness….

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    • But also, I think that the Mentally Ill are on a solitary internal journey and families do not realise it whereas the ill do realise they are alone, in a way. Hence the self-centred approach of their psychoses…

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      • God help everyone , we just need to be strong in the mind

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      • That is the Art. To find the strength to stand alone, well, one might look a bit battered after the fight, but it takes genuine strength to manufacture one’s own supports.

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      • You take care, just remember like is not so bad after all , let’s count our blessings. On that note , I will take your leave. Give yourself a relaxed weekend.

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