The Key to the Door 3

I chose the first.  I was excited to be out of South Africa and what’s more, invigorated by the freedom I remembered from a childhood in Philadelphia where we had lived previously.  25 and I went sailing.

Politics huh and National Policy?  National Policy should be a four letter word.  A bunch of suits in a conference hall pass a resolution and the next thing you know, you are in a uniform or a dole queue.

When I go back to London 18 months later I was tanned, fit and well-travelled, having covered about twenty countries.

What did I do?  I struggled, working the building sites labouring until I found an office job through a friend, this time as a secretary in a Higher Education Trade Union Head Office.  I was fortunate, in return for hard work I was enabled to apply for a post as a Regional Support Officer and there I was, in politics.

And John Major was in power.

Why didn’t I return to South Africa now?  Because I love London, but actually I DID return to SA for ten months.


Copyright B E Saunders 2016

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