The Key to the Door 4

At the Union I was highly involved in defending lecturer’s rights and attacking Tory policy, running strike ballots for three regions of the UK.  I stayed for four years before taking voluntary redundancy thinking I had the experience to easily find another job.

Not in London, and I soon found myself back labouring again.  This time I was laying railway track.

I soon grew tired of this and decided to put my head in the lion’s maul and go back to study a degree in Mechanical Engineering. After all, Tony Blair said:  “Education, education, education”.

Bath University was recommended to me and as Bath is a quiet town with few distractions, I applied and came for an interview.

And I did.

I passed the interview and four years later, my Masters with a 2(1) which they term a “good degree” here in the UK.

At that time, 2002, the internet was still in its infancy.  It wasn’t as easy to find scholarships to apply for, or even Ph.D. studentships so when I was offered a position, to take over an abandoned project with three years funding at 2002/3 rates, I took it, even though

1) It was sight unseen

2) It was in the field of Biomimetics which I had never even heard of before – I had to start with the definition in the first instance.


Copyright B E Saunders 2016

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