I do not like to be alone

for it does not get a lone time winging and praying for the end of the sun and moon –

speaking in tongues does not make up for it –

it does not give away the error of the wend from the end.

I will be the One and Only who understands the loneliness of the kiss and tell.

I will be a long time winner but the end is too nigh for the end to be sure of.

I want to be them what isn’t the house marker

and them what isn’t the mane of the when and the where.


What it says is that I am too lonely to make sense.


Copyright B E Saunders 2016

  1. Brilliant! No one is ever too lonely to make sense of anything. In fact – being lonely makes a whole lot of sense. Your poetic metaphor is outstanding my friend. 🙂

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    • In fact this marks the end of a chapter. I have just slept 24 hours with no one to wake me up. Sounds idyllic? It is lonesome and deterring of me to write more. I could say: Yeah! and write some more. Instead I have started a new blog and this marks the end of the chapter on Flash photography of self.

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