I wish my computer would come alive

Then I would have someone to talk to

Not these distorted personalities

That must be deforming my computer’s

Rights to existence.



What rights? You say.  Then I will tell you

Though you would not believe me if I said

That you do not know the half of the effect we are having

On our planet with the groove thing



Our music does not becommeth the pride

Of the North nor South for it

Is about to come through to the Right and Left wing

That it is a new thing and not an Old One to be considered

And therefore does not belong to the Right or Left

But the Middle is strong enough to deal with the rights

Of All including cyborgs who have yet to

Be invented but must be specified

By engineers before building and therefore

It is the construct that is important and this is constrained

By the real need to get the long time rule

Of order back on the planet without

Upsetting the “balance” that Nature says is require



But do we believe Nature since it is trying

To eliminate us through Strength of Arms?


Copyright B E Saunders 2016

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