The Vice-chancellor in my Head

I have the Vice-chancellor in my head sometimes.  She’s a psychiatry major and I feel she is behind my treatment in a large way, as if she is behind the experiment into the current mental health system of the time and she used me as a barometer, putting me into various stage psychiatric units until she had enough influence to stop me from protesting too much at my treatment at the hands of the University, who forbid, even now, that I go a step on their ground or ask a member of staff or student the time of day.

I will be brief and see what I come up with today for listeners to my program of moaning and shuffle-on kind-of preparatory talking for the purpose of the lion share of the mawl.  In the end it is about to become the worst kind of lay it all on the ground time, as it often is when I start to come up with ideas for the future.

What you have to understand is that I maintain pace with technology and I can see about five years ahead quite clearly as new technologies evolve and others develop and I for one, have been present at the advent of one of them, which I shall be able to describe forthwith in a next paper when I see a Professor Unwin of Warwick University here in the UK.

It will be a variable one as it shows that it is possible to make a hook out of micron-slender filaments of metal through the use of electrochemistry, about which I know a little.  Suffice to say my father was an electro-chemist and it is in the blood.  Then there is animal attachments about which I know a lot.  And insects.  So with a lot of research there should be a way of getting all the attachments together and then making them a group of all settlers without a land and I shall give them one, where they shall reside happy and full up with good grub.

I will be the then and there witness to the account that just came before me that all and sundry do not believe in the criminal minds of the Justice Department here in Bath but they do extremely like to fuck around with my head and soul and I do not like it.  Bye!



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