Time is passing and full of pity

Whose crazy idea was it to have time?

It should be a deal different from the rest of them (the senses)

And that means no-one should be able to (sense it)

And that means you and thee  (you and the planet)

Are the same, Chum.

I will be then then and the there (I will be who I want to be and you too)

Not the come and you go.  (I will be them as to know it and you are not aware too)

(So now you do know it)



Copyright Bruce E Saunders 2016

1 comment
  1. Time is just a concept that was put on us to believe time itself exist.
    Imagine for 5 minutes, time didn’t exist. Can mankind survive without time?

    Excellent poem my friend. 🙂

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