The Wrong “k”

So it is they all can be in the wreck of the wrong thing timed only by

The render of all thing pure and hearty to the poke of the nuke and the ponk of the wrongk called

The jayway and the Wray-hay-hay

And that makes it all the same for the rentboy but not

For the ronder and the rendering of Time

I will be them as to know and that makes it all then and now

Bye for the ron but hi for the render and that is wrong and the why.

I will be them and that is who you do

I will be them as to know and that is you and the wreck called the right of passage

You used to know it but now you don’t so puke

In the manoeuvre not here but where they all call it wrong and not right.


Copyright Bruce E Saunders 2016/7

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