To: Asylum Magazine

From: Bruce Saunders <>
Sent: 20 March 2017 15:30
Subject: Thanks you for your publication of my poetry


Needless to say I was flabbergasted to receive my complimentary copy Saturday, of your magazine Asylum, with the 3 yes 3 poems you chose of mine to publish!

I do hope that your readers enjoy them.

I am so pleased and flattered that you chose to publish them that I do not know what to say except this:

I have lived in the UK since about 1990 except for a few travelling excursions – my first exposure to the Dark Art of Psychiatry was when I recorded some R D Laing for a blind American student who I met in Camden Town about 1993 and she needed some recorded notes with which to study.

Sadly, time passed and we are no longer in contact.  But my next interaction came when I consulted a psychiatrist in 2003 on Bath University Campus where I was studying my Ph.D. in Biomimetics – I had been severely assaulted by seven men in the town of Bath at the commencement of my Ph.D. in July 2002 and it left me with scars both physical and emotional.

I now know that it has a name:  Trauma induced psychosis.

But at the time I knew little more than the chapter or two I had recorded from R D Laing.

As you know if you have read my biography, I used to work for a trade union while in London, at Natfhe, the Head Office off Greys Inn Road of the National Association of Further and Higher Education.

Where I started as a secretary when it was dominated by the female gender and then I was promoted to Regional Support Officer, a fulltime position as a trade union officer where I stayed for a few years when out of boredom, I took voluntary redundancy and came to Bath University eventually to study a Masters in Mechanical Engineering which I completed in four years.

It was then that my troubles began and it started with the assault and continued with two poor supervisors before I was allocated my Head of Department who said he thought I “should leave” before he had even read what I had done to that point.

This amounted to constructive dismissal but I could not find legal representation to assist me.

I saved all my work and brought it down into Bath City having cancelled me registration (I should have taken a sabbatical leave but i made a mistake here) and I took a break having found it all too much pressure, as I was financially in dire straits as i had not received a grant after my first year of undergraduate study.

In 2006 I wrote up three papers of what I had deducted from my research and walked up to campus and gave them to Prof Julian Vincent who said not a word and from whom I have never heard again altho he stays in Bath and continued on campus a number of further years before retiring.

I had the e-mail addressed for bulk e-mailing the Mechanical Engineering staff and the undergraduate students and I proceeded to use these in a manner that might not be approved of by the run-of-the-mill persons in this world, but I started to send a lot of e-mails to protest, since I was and had been a protester since my time at Wits University in the ’80’s in South Africa.

This plan of protesting until I got a response was interfered with by the local psychiatric department of the Royal United Hospital who abducted me and then put me in a secure unit for two months and have done so since for the past 10 or so years.

NO psychology treatment was available at the RUH at that time and it is only since last year that there has been a clinical psychologist at the RUH at all.

For many years I kept all my research saved until eventually in 2012 I discovered WordPress for keeping a blog and I put all my Intellectual Property online.

You can find it at

I was not attached to academia and therefore I was not receiving nor had I heard of a “Call for Papers” and it was purely by chance through a link on another’s Biomimetics Group on Linked-In that I found one in 2014.

I answered this with my three papers and the rest is history – I have been published three times and I am the only english speaking academic with three papers in the Springer-Open Journal, the Journal of Robotics and Biomimetics.

I have still not heard from the University of Bath despite many attempts to open dialogue:

Freedom of Information letters

Subject Access Requests

Instead I have been threatened with Court Action.

That is the gist of my situation and through all this I have been treated with chemistry, not therapy.

And the depots continue to this day.

Three years ago I met Tim Heffernan online through Facebook and the Hearing Voices Group, a poet of some standing in Australia.

He encouraged me to embark upon a  poetry excursion which I did and YOU are the result.

I am so pleased that you have published me that I don’t know how to repay you.  EVER.

It seems I may have another publisher in the offing too, namely “Verity LA” a Canberra online mag who have said they are interested.


Bruce E Saunders

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