Facebook Prisoners

I look into the dusk

at the world according to Mars

and the deceit that lies within the book called Face

and I see it for what it was

A use for the internet that never was.

The use of it

is to preclude

The use of Face

and the fact of it

is the pride unjust.

For it is to come for them

to be here when they decide to be

Able to read.

It is able to be here

and not then and not there.

For it is about to be

the one who is

and not the isn’t.

Who is able to be

them and their usage.

For it is about time

you all see it

for what it was/is –

the use of time for then and now.

It is about to be over for it and they know it.


Copyright Bruce E Saunders 2017

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