It takes not a jewel of thought

to be able

to make it here

and there.

It takes a lot and a little

to be them as to know it

and be able to make it thar where the wind blows.

And it shows

to go

that you are

them as to go for it

and not to make it

but I will.

It takes a longtime listening pleasure

to be able to see

that it takes a lot

of the reel and the rye

and not the lot.

I will be there when you ask

but not when you say so and it do not

go for the ender or the Taylor but the right of way

For you.

It took me a long time to get here

and now I see that you are way in front of me

when I ask for it too.

I ask for it here

and you do not respond,

for it took you too long

to get here and that is why you are able

to make the ends of the eard and the eardsome

be here and not then and not how.

But you do and you do them in the air


it be smooth and not frolly.



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