Get Around Town



I will be them and you will not seer

Nor save the One called the Righteous and there is then

The start of the store without knowledge of then and there

Who will be hindered by the works of the Marshland

Who knew it to be her and not their one called the right

And the wrong who knew it to be

Then and not them

And her and not her sonnet of Love

For the work of the fellow is not done

Until the right of the way has been fought for

The hardiest is yet to fall

And He does not go to the end of the walk

Without being there in the truth of it

For it takes a long time fellow

To be there when it all falls to the park and the part

Where it all comes to be

Is then the work of the elder and not the young.


It comes to pass that there is place for all but it does not seem to matter when the young may not travel as we did for it far outreaches the pocketbook to be able to make it from one side of the City of London to the other and that means a lot to the Youth who do not see what they need to be able to make it to their own One i.e. to develop as people they need to see it for what it is and not for where they are told to be, like in their boroughs and not in the boroughs of the wealthy who do not need to see.  It is about time someone did something for the young in London to make it difficult for they that is the rich, to complain about lack of peaceful enterprise to make money for them.  It is not the work of the elder it is the work of the young to be able to make it to the pair of tissues that make the heart.


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