It is fair to say

that all the apartheid-mongers of the world

are fascists, not racists

and they do not know it

but they are all about to be found out.

It is for the one and all

to know it for they all

are about to be found here in the pages

between my knees

as I spew it all over

the page.

And I know it for I have been there

and I know what it is

to be controlled from the outside

and in.

It ios not the fact that they oppress me

it is the fact that

they oppress you in your keeping

to the law of the state

that is:

keep clean in your mind

and the rest will follower and they don’t know that

they depend on the stick

not the carrot

and that can be

the end of me, of me, of me.

It is Marlowe who wrote that he was/is the one

who wrote about me to the press

and he ios the one who gave the game away

about me for he knew it would blow me

but he was not acting alone

he was actually getting in with Edge

the Vice-chancellor in charge of research

at the University of Bath

who knew what it was

but didn;t care as long as he won

for he is not there

but here

and that goes to show

he is a fascist and not

the one who is winning here.

Nor is Maerkel and nor is Benn

who asked for it and they do notof the North an

know it built they do

nor is Cameron and nor if gluvine new to it.

Nor are the people worldwide

who own a part of the New Game called mock

the Bruce with their wordpress blogs.

They are all guilty of suppressing evidence and they know it now.

It is a fact that they are all about to die for

they work for Ernst and Young

and they do not know they have been found but

now they do.

It is Hilary Benn who spilt the Labour vote in favour of

Splitting from Europe

and War with the Koreans of North and then South

as they destroy the East and its Tiger.




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