Press blankets are black and warm

but they don’t know the truth

like I do

and they cost an election for Hilary

when they stopped to think

about Truth in America

and they thought

about it

in a few words

like the New and the Old

and that is why

they voted for a New one

and not the Vice-

President of the Old One

who knew not how

to get in and out of the Run-of-the-mill

tired excuse for being in the wrong


It would have been good for me to know it

but instead it cost Labour the Victory

they wanted too for I was not trusted

to divide the Ones who have from those who need

and that is why

they all know it to be true

that Barrack is the Leader of None now

and that is why he still thinks

He is the Number 1

but he is 2

and that is why he always thinks

he owes me when in fact

he does 2 2.


It all happens to me and not to You.


Copyright Bruce E Saunders 2016

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