But it says here you signed your name

it doesn’t say you are uncool

it says you are here now and now you are gone

and that makes it final.

But I am not, I am here!

No you’re not!

You are again the one who doesn’t know

you are invisible, Montgomery

and that makes it appear that

you are physically incapable of doing the work

that you have gone and done

so you do not know it

but you aren’t available to do what you say

you have done and that so to speak

is the end of


I do declare that you are a loose caboose

in the end of the era

against the fascist state

when all are not the leaders

that you needed

and to shoot you ion the foot

is about time

the one and that same

as being in hold of yourself for the nooit




Copyright Bruce E Saunders 2017

First they said I couldn’t come back to complete my Ph.D. because I couldn’t do it and then I did do it so they say I can’t come back because I did it.

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