The Fifth Columnist

The fifth columnist at the News of the World

had decided he had had enough of Democracy in the USA

so he joined hands with Maerkel

to start a revolution here in the UK

by asking them, her followers in Quevera

who were really Pro-War

to ask the ingredients of the US election

to vo9te for Trump

to show Barrack

that he shouldn’t lie

via the Washington Post

which asked him the truth

about polling for votes

when he knew he had not asked me


for my hands were tied

by the gap of oceans

here in the UK.

So he took from my blog while I was at University here

and asked not for favour but took it to mean

approval when I said nowt to the press here

which I did not like at all

For he asked me to give him

my life without asking for it

and I took the blame for ten years

from the Queen who did not know

I did not approve of his teft at all.

She did not want him

and that agve me rude awakening though

she admitted her mistake to the press


It could have been More but then

Hilary Benn asked to be Prime Minister

and when he was refused

he blamed me too

and asked the people of Bath

to vote for a child

like he would save them by

being nasty to me.

He didn’t and now we

are in a fascist state of being

with reactions everywhere

to the lack of protest except

to the Sikhs who serve only William

who is Conservative and seeking a Powerful

mandate to be Prime Minister himself

though he is not political you see.

It is sure to be Her who asks me to be then and there

the one who isn’t sure of what to be and that makes it all right

to be here now, does it?


Copyright Bruce E Saunders 2017

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