It is the fact today that if you know

when to blind the other with knowledge your

are a lawyer and that makes you

the end of the world and not the start.


If you start at the cause and begin

with the end means in gainsay

then you will all be them and not now.


It is about the root causes of the efforts to salvaged

from the mind, it does not matter when you ask

it only deems it necessary to be here and why

not there and them.


It is about time you all saw that it took a longtime

parlance to be able to see that all the rights of man

are about to be yearning for the right of many and not

all the flame-throwing youth of the R’art and the wrath

called the Redeeming One.


It is about time you all see that it is not the one who goes to it but

the one who doesn’t and that makes it all the same

and not the R’ark of the Covenant but the rear of the

rell called the accommodating One or the Self.


I will be whended when you are sull

and not sewing the root of all selfless ones of

the yout’ who ask for the debt to be paid

for them all to see. I will not be then and thou art the ron

-der and not the rear-der.


It takes a rightman to know it when all the sundry

others will not represent you but they will

represent self in the matter of knowing when

to ask for it and not to say it.


I will believe that all the real ones are calling

for the right of the many to be here and not there

for it is about time you understood that a representative

does not sit down for all to fall over with glee about.


If he does not go to it and see it fit that they

can represent you then they all need to be here

and not there and that means all and sunder

and not all and sree.


Copyright Bruce E Saunders 2017

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